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My hobby is collecting and displaying model engines, with the goal of having an functional model example of every engine type. I have a extensive collection of model engines, which includes several 1/4 scale replicas: V8's, 9 cylinder rotary radial, hit and miss engines, and steam engines, 3 steam traction engines, the predecessor of the farm tractor, and model farm equipment, including a threshing Machine. I was raised on a farm near Jesup, Iowa, which induced me to be mechanically inclined. Most of the collection is operational, although, only a few at a time.

Square Piston Engine, Built by Cecil Heyn


My most unique engine was patterned after LIL'Brother Air Cooled Engine, the Square Piston in front was from a previous version. Next most unique is the 1/4 scale Gnome monosoupape (single valve) 9 cylinder Radial Rotary (the whole engine rotates) engine, is 9" in Dia.


It was made by the Replica Engine Company founded for the purpose of reproducing, in miniature, internal combustion engines of museum quality. They also made the Curtis OX-5, and the 1/4 scale Harley Davidson Knucklehead V twin model engines.

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Cecil Heyn Gallery, Square Piston and LIL' Brothers
Replica Engine Gallery, inc Knucklehead
Steam Traction Engine Gallery, Threshing machine, and farm equipment
farm type engines Gallery, inc. JOHN DEERE E
glow plug engines Gallery
Steam Engine Gallery
Stirling Engine and misc Gallery
The story of how I started my model engine collecting.
information on my steam Traction Engine collection.

I believe barn hay carrier had a important role in the success of the Midwest farm. It rolls on a track at the very top of the barn and made the filling of large barns with hay and bedding a manageable task.


4 forks lifting 12 hay bales nearing carrier

Description of the Barn Hay Carriers.
barn hay carrier Gallery

prototype website for

Hay Tool Collectors Association

I display at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum (AGandSEM). The Museum collects, preserves and displays examples of mechanical ingenuity and crafts associated with the early days of the American farm and rural community. It is on 40 acres and is 30 miles north of San Diego in Vista, CA. At the shows, I run my steam engines and STE on compressed air, less than 20 PSI. A popular display is the Case steam traction engine running very slowly with belt to the threshing machine.
My Barn Hay Carriers display and Steam Traction Engine display are in the Jack Collins museum Building.

Show weekends are the 3rd and 4th weekends of June and October, called Tractor Shows or Harvest Fairs

Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum website

If you are a Hay Tool Collector that wants to display a Collection, the building is seldom crowded and a bench could be provided. Please contact me.

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collage of full size engines and models

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