How Harry started steam Traction engine collecting

While at the show I was shown this photo, which lead to my purchase of Russell Steam Traction Engine, with Water wagon and hay press, July 1995.

[missing] The only information was that collection was purchased in a antique shop in Florida, 30 years ago (mid 60's).

At the October 1995 show, Marvin Bahre showed me pictures of the Bahre collection. I was interested in the Threshing machine, but considering I had the Russell for only 3 months, buying another collection, seemed too much. A year later, Marvin came by again, and he liked my display. He really wanted to find a good "home" for what was left of his dad's collection. After we agreed on a price. he included the smaller, Aultman-Taylor Steam Traction Engine, a disc type plow and the black and white photographs. I agreed to honor his dad, by displaying the "Made By W. J. Bahre" cardboard placard and the photos. 1/6 scale = 2 inch to the foot, Case 65 HP steam traction engine plans and castings are from Coles Power Models, established 1928 and still available. The plans are dated 1940.


Walter Bahre and his collection

[missing] [missing] [missing] collection in store front, with Walter J Bahre cardboard placard
Mac Pherson, Kansas, mid-1960's [missing] 1/6 scale Case steam traction engine, clearly it is steaming. An early version of threshing machine,
note elevators missing from threshing machine, 1961 [missing]

steam power plant, was converted into Aultman Taylor Steam Traction Engine


Aultman Taylor Steam Traction Engine is a smaller STE which has a bevel gear drive and that the flywheel is forward of the piston and has a 5" Dia. It is 16" high, 11" wide, 25" long, and is 42 Lb.

The Case is 41 inches long, 15 1/2 inches wide, 20 1/2 inches tall, and weighs 127 pounds. Russell steam traction engine,37" long, 15" wide, 22" tall, and weighs 140 pounds. Water wagon, is 10" TALL, and 13" LONG, hay press has a 5.5" pulley and 4.5" Dia. Wheels. The Case versus the Russell is a good example of a replica versus a model. The Russell is scratch-built with several features not accurate to scale: the piston, flywheel and plumbing is large. The Case has scale plumbing available at Coles Power Models, see web list.

For in depth details find a copy of How to Build a 4" (1/3 scale) Case Traction Engine and Water Wagon by Ralph W. Andres. This softcover comb-bound book, 16-1/2" wide by 11" tall, was published in 1997 by Apple Blossom Books.

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