software used

software I used for this website

Free photo editing software from Google, easy to use
NoteTab, text and HTML editor, Notepad replacement, and powerful code-based HTML editor

CSE HTML Validator intra grates into NoteTab

CSE HTML Validator

free Trial use of CSE HTML Validator for 200 validations or for 30 days.
After using the first 180 validations, I found HTML PowerTools from Talicom(R).
HTML PowerAnalyzer finds all types of HTML syntax errors, finds files not referenced (unused), lists all external links, all internal links are verified.
HTML Meta Manager allows rapid insertion/editing of Description and Keyword META tags.
HTML PowerSpell quickly and easily spell-checks entire Websites, easily create custom dictionary, which becomes a proper name Keyword list.
PowerSearch does Find and replace around HTML code.
Date Stamper will insert the current date into every page.
HTML Image Scanner will scan every IMG tag in an entire Website and automatically insert the correct WIDTH and HEIGHT parameters.
I found the PowerTools fast and easy to use.

Talicom HTML PowerTools

HTML PowerTools free for 30 days, Suite for $30, which is less than half of Validator Standard

Instant Gallery Maker

while I was creating this website, Express became? neowise. It is also fast and easy to use. free trial for 30 days, $30

Serif software, low $, DrawPlus, PhotoPlus

Created on ... October 07, 2010