Model Engine Suppliers

Graham Ind, Great steam engines and kits
Jensen steam engines, models since 1932
Replica Engines, 1/4 scale OX-5 V8, HD Knucklehead, Gnome
Yester Year Toys, WILESCO model steam engines (same as over 50 years ago)
Stuart models, the world's oldest company producing model steam engines
American Stirling Company, kits, hot air engines

Model Engine collections

John's Model Steam Engine Museum, Great collection of old steam engines
Joe Martin Foundation Craftsmanship museum of Model Engine
Don Campbell Models, wonderful models +++
Emile Brochon, nice pic's, some assembly pic's+++
Matt Keveney's Animated Engines, animations of Engines ++
Model Engine Corporation of America, ENGINELAND MUSEUM
George Luhrs Miniature (Tiny) scale model engines, COOL +++
Academy of Model Aeronautics
Jim Moyer, 1/6th scale Small Block V8
Academy of Model Aeronautics
Pete's Photo Gallery, Gnome Rotary Aero Engine internals, Beautiful +++
Carl Carlsen, nice collection (Fand J) +++
Precision Scale Replicas, Pocher photos and parts +++
Reg Ingold, Great web, many model engine pics+++
Ron Colonna model engines, photos video and audio, great
Phil Coleman's, Web Site, good links
5bears Web Site, Wright Whirlwind radial engine construction pic's++
Weber Precision, Great photos of a model v8, assembly pic's++

Model Engineeering Suppliers

Radial engine History and plans, model steamboat Engine castings and plans ++
Depenbush, Hit and Miss Engine Plans
Bill Reichart Model Engines plans, Panther Pup
Blue Ridge Machinery, solar kits, YOUR COMPLETE MACHINE SHOP SUPPLIER
Brunell Models,(cooky) in UK, supplies for steam model hobby, BA fasteners
Classic Tin Toy, toy repair, toy restoration and toy parts, treads=Rubber Track
Conley Precision, 1/4 scale V8 kit, video??
Coles PowerModels, castings, plans, Model Engines and Supplies
PM Research,Model Steam Engines,Tools,Supplies, and model shop equipment
Tiny Power Steam Engine Kits, castings and plans
Myers Engine Works, steam and hot air engine castings and plans
Reeves Model Engineers, Model Engineering Supplies, in UK +++
The Engineers Emporium, in UK, interesting, engines, kits
Dale Detrich, VARIABLE COMPRESSION engine plans and small spark plugs
Morrison and Marvin 1/4 scale Gade castings and plans, spark plugs
Jerry Howell, model engineering plans, Transistor Ignition Kits +++
Bob Herder, H2O and Air cooled Domestic and the Nanzy, castings and plans
RMC castings, plans, and video of external flame engine
Vernal Engineering, the Morton M5 Radial Engine
the Hermits Machine Shop, nice pic's, assembly pic's, Electronic Buzz Coil
model Engine plans, V8 Aero Engine, as I have
Rocky's Model Engines, Model engine castings and plans

Tools and Supplies

Berg, gears, bearings, COOL mech software
Model Research Labs, composite films, adhesives, model aircraft plans
Bay - Com, featuring products for the home machinist
Small Parts, quality Materials, Components and Tools, Great Catalog +++
Micro-Mark, The Small Tool Specialists +++
Micro-Fasteners, affordable screws, washers, nuts other fasteners
Clippard, Pneumatics, conversions on web, CAD files
Pointe-products, Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners, parts
Bolt Depot, nuts and bolts
SteamFittings, in UK, Steam fittings for Miniature Locomotives
Electronic Goldmine, Solid Carbide Router Bit, specials
American Model Engineering Supply, suppliers of fittings, fasteners, supplies and tools
Little Machine Shop, source of tooling, parts, and accessories for machinists.
minature display cases
Speedy Metals, Small Quantity Metal Distributor, Cut-To-Size, ++ info
K and S Engineering, Brass Supplier, square tubing
matweb tech info, specs on on plastics and metals +++
Gettig model airplane miniature ignition coil

Full size Engine Suppliers, Misc, NON-Models

HitnMiss, Antique Gas Engines, Parts, and Magneto Repair
Harry's Old Engine, Buzz coil hook up, Care of Magnetos, GREAT WEB site +++
Antique engine forums and Bulletin Board
Revetec, a new Engine design with no crank or connecting rods

Shows and Museums

Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum, Vista, CA
Antique Farm Equipment Show, Tulare, CA. at International Agri-Center
Cabin Fever Expo, Model Engineering Show
Florida Association of Model Engineers
North American Model Engineering Society (NAMES)
Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, Mt. Pleasant, IA
Gas Engine And Antique Reproduction Show (GEARS)
RC Expo, Model Airplane, All Scale Trains, Pomona,CA, April
Roots of Motive Power, Willits, CA. Sep. show
the American Precision Museum, annual Model Engineering Show, Oct
Western Engine And Model Exhibition, WEME, Vallejo CA.

Hobby Shops

Air Power Technologies, Giant scale aircraft engines
Arizonamodels, non-running model engines, aircraft replicas
HobbyClub, good for model engines
Hobby People
Horizon Hobby, SAITO engines, such as 3 and 5 Cylinder RADIAL model aircraft engines
Hobbytron Electronic Project Kits, Not model engines

Models, not engines

Classic Construction Models, precision constuction models
Construction Collector
Western Scale Models, craftsman model railroad kits: mining, machinery, and logging
Scale Auto Works, Pocher photo gallery, Accessories, transkits, spare parts
Scale Details, Pocher Accessories, transkits, spare parts
International List of Scale Model Related Web Site

Information Pages

Aircraft Engine Historical Society
Historical Construction Equipment Association
Thomas Register, library of millions of mechanical CAD models
home shop machinist forums
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Guide for use of Units
Dedicated to Machinist built Model Engines
Hit N Miss engine discription
Steve's Old Engine Shed, Antique Engines, w info
Elmer's Engine plans, scanned by Tom Wade 2 pdf, links}} machinist }} Project Plans

articles on Harry's Collection

HW Hay Carrier article
HW STE article

very good article: Hoistin Hay, Farm Collector, May 2003

Hoistin Hay, FC, May 2003

NY TIMES:model engine article, By JIM NORMAN Published: June 24, 2007

Saying 'Small Block' and Really Meaning It

Engines in Miniature


Engine Collectors Journal
Model Engineer
Successful Farming magazine
GEM = Gas Engine Magazine
Farm Collector
Home Shop Machinist magazine
Live Steam and Outdoor Railroading magazine
Machinists Workshop magazine
Model engine builder magazine
Garden Railways magazine
Strictly IC (Internal Combustion), magazine for the Miniature IC Engine

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