glow plug Engines (4)

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Rotating Cylinder Valve (RCV) engines


RCV60-SP 0.6CI=10cc, 0.9bhp

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RCV 58CD 0.58 cu inch 0.85 bhp

Rotating Cylinder Valve, RCV 4-cycle engine, The cylinder sleeve has a port-valve that rotates around the piston, it is suspended between two bearings which allow it to rotate freely around the piston; the piston, and crank are conventional. A gear formed around the base of the cylinder meshes with a gear on the crank. As the piston reciprocates and the crank turns, the cylinder rotates around the piston. At the top end of the rotating cylinder there is a single port leading to the combustion chamber. This is surrounded by a fixed timing ring with three radially arranged ports; inlet, ignition and exhaust. This simple valve arrangement serves the combustion chamber as the engine cycles through the conventional 4-cycles: induction, compression, power and exhaust. Ignition is achieved through a standard 4-cycle glow plug exposed once only during each complete cycle. The rotating cylinder is effectively combined with the rotary valve in a single component hence - RCV - Rotating Cylinder Valve, 2,400 - 12,000 RPM. web on links page.